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About Tribute Motorhomes

2014 is feature rich for Tribute

Our multi award-winning Tribute range of leisure vehicles continues to be a runaway success principally because we've kept a tight focus on what our customers actually want from their motorhome. The 2014 range consists of two high-top compact leisure vehicles and five coachbuilt motorhomes that between them cover the most sought-after layouts in the UK. Never before has style, practicality and value-for-money achieved such synergy.

2014's Tribute range consists of what is regarded by many as the best value high-top layouts in Europe, plus a range of five imaginatively conceived and brilliantly executed coachbuilt motorhomes, designed and assembled at Auto-Trail's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in North Lincolnshire. Responsible for the coachbuilt range is the same dedicated team of time served craftsmen and women, innovative designers and highly qualified engineers who build a range of award winning leisure vehicles.

Tribute is part of the highly successful pan-European Trigano Group. It has dedicated yet-specific manufacturing bases all over Europe. Such factories boast a high level of specialist expertise gained by extensive research and development, plus in-depth product knowledge acquired over decades. This is why we've opted to design and build the Tribute 669 and 670 at our dedicated van conversion factory in Italy where the economies of scale can help offer unbeatable value for money.

British purchasers looking for a coachbuilt motorhome have different priorities from their mainland European colleagues. Here in the UK customers prefer large lounges, well specified kitchens and muted soft furnishing fabrics because just sometimes the weather can be unreliable! Thus the Tribute coachbuilt range is designed and built at Auto-Trail, the UK's only dedicated coachbuilt motorhome manufacturing facility.