Tribute 669

Thanks to a compact length, the Auto-Trail Tribute 669 can be used both as an everyday vehicle as well as a comfortable family tourer. Sleeping up to four people with four seatbelts, the Tribute 669 will carry your family in safety and comfort wherever you choose to travel. Plus, as it fits on most standard driveways, you can save on expensive storage fees and have your new Auto-Trail Tribute ready and waiting for the next adventure just outside your front door.

Tribute 670

The award-winning Tribute 670 is another of Tribute's compact but versatile van conversion motorhomes, with the everyday practicality to function as a sole vehicle for active couples. Bring friends along for the ride thanks to four belted seats. Its shorter length allows for storage on most standard UK driveways, meaning you can visit those far away friends at the drop of a hat.

Tribute 680

The forward-facing seats enable the 680 to carry four people in safety while the open plan rear lounge and rear double doors make it a flexible load-carrier as well as a luxury long-range tourer.

With a pair of long lounge seats, the rear living space will seat six in comfort, and when it’s time to retire, this roomy sleeping compartment provides a truly enormous transverse double.

Tribute 615

One of the most compact models in the Tribute range, the 615 coachbuilt motorhome adopts the classic end kitchen layout for a space-efficient, light and airy open-plan living space.

The aerodynamic bodyshell combines perfectly with Fiat’s agile Ducato platform and with its large kitchen and spacious lounge, the 615 is the perfect option for sociable couples who enjoy entertaining on site.

Tribute 625

The aerodynamic bodyshell on the Tribute 625 combines perfectly with Fiat’s agile Ducato platform and with its welcoming rear lounge, the 625 is an ideal option for sociable couples who enjoy company on their holidays.

Fiat’s Comfort-Matic transmission option is available on 130bhp, 147bhp and 177bhp engines.

Tribute 715

The Tribute 715 models are incredibly flexible British motorhomes offering accommodation for up to six people.

Despite its longer chassis, the 715’s aerodynamic bodyshell combines well with Fiat’s refined 130bhp Multi Jet II engine to make these models a dream to drive wherever you venture. Combine this with its spacious accommodation and the 715 makes a perfect touring base for active families; just another fantastic example of Fiat motorhomes’ build quality.

Tribute 720

Designed with two distinct lounging areas, the spacious Tribute 720 gives children and parents their own dedicated zones.

Up front, behind the cab seats, there’s an ample lounge-diner with seating for up to five people with the swivel cab seats rotated. At the rear of the vehicle, there’s a second lounge – which makes a perfect little playroom.

Tribute 726

The all-new 726 is the second model in the expanding Tribute range to offer six berths and six belted travelling seats for greater flexibility (six belts a cost option at 3650kgs).

The 726’s aerodynamic bodyshell is well matched with Fiat’s refined 130bhp Multi Jet II engine, for an agile drive and smooth ride. All of our British built Fiat motorhomes are great examples of first class Auto-Trail bodywork.

Tribute 736

Making its debut last year, the Tribute 736 provides two distinct living spaces for parents and children.

Built on Fiat’s 7.25 metre wider track chassis for extra stability, standard equipment includes 6-speed gearbox, ABS brakes, remote control central locking, a panoramic rooflight, colour reversing camera, fitted microwave and removable carpets.

Tribute 736 G

New for 2019 is the 736 G – oozing with style and featuring a contemporary transverse bed layout. Sleek exterior lines add a sporty feel to this grand coachbuilt tourer. Thanks to a capacious rear garage, you can travel with all the necessities of home, allowing storage of bulkier items that would otherwise clutter this stunning new motorhome.

V-Line 540 SE

The award-winning V-Line 540 SE is the most compact motorhome in the Auto-Trail range – making it the ideal vehicle for those who appreciate the little luxuries in life.

At a shade over 5.4 metres long, these van conversion motorhomes will fit on most standard driveways – saving on expensive storage fees – and is compact enough to use as a practical everyday vehicle for active couples.

V-Line 610 SE

The best of both worlds inside a compact van conversion – space to stretch out at the rear combined with a chassis of under 6m in length giving you an easy drive on a multitude of roads. Built to the highest standards, each V-line achieves NCC approved grade 3 classification for insulation, making this an extremely flexible all seasons tourer.

V-Line 634 SE

New for 2019, the V-Line 634 SE model holds a multitude of dynamic, stylish features in its 6.3m Fiat Ducato chassis. The 634 SE highlights a full height, slim-line 140l fridge with integral freezer, as well as a new 6.5” touch screen DAB head unit, with colour reversing camera.

V-Line 635 SE

Thanks to a slightly longer construction, the Auto-Trail V-Line 635 SE has all the comforts of other Auto-Trail van conversion motorhomes whilst benefitting from a larger living area and extended kitchen with front dining area.

Also featuring a wind out awning, this two-berth couples tourer is the ideal vehicle for spontaneous trips when the mood arises.

V-Line 636 SE

The 636 SE combines a large rear lounge and a dinette with two additional forward-facing belted seats for additional passenger-carrying capacity. At the end of a day's activity, the rear seats quickly become a spacious and comfortable transverse double bed, leaving you refreshed for whatever tomorrow brings.

V-Line Sport Pack

The new 2019 V-Line Sports pack not only adds premium comfort to your V-Line leisure vehicle; innovative touches, such as the external shower point and gas BBQ point, makes your touring voyage become even more enjoyable.

The V-Line range once again raises the bar with elegant design and compact, manoeuvrable versatility.

V-Line Sport Pack V-Line Sport Pack Floorplan
Imala 615

A compact motorhome designed for both the shorter road trip and the extended travels, the Auto-Trail Imala 615 has everything you need in a motorhome. High quality British construction ensures that the Imala 615 can be enjoyed for many more journeys to come.

Clever open-plan design ensures that the interior feels sleek and uncluttered, with sleeping space for up to four people in the Hi-Line motorhome variant.

Imala 625

The Imala 625 is the perfect space to kick back and relax after a long day on the road or an exciting afternoon exploring the local surroundings. Sink into the sumptuous Iris upholstery while supper simmers on the gas hob, or take a refreshing shower in the spacious washroom behind the cab seats.

Imala 715

Built on the four metre Fiat Ducato chassis, the 715 incorporates a fixed French bed and large front lounge for separate living and sleeping spaces without the need to climb a ladder to get into bed.

Imala 720

Another firm favourite with families due to its flexible seating and accommodation, the Imala 720 family motorhomes combine a sizeable lounge-diner with seating for up to five people with the swivel cab seats rotated. There is also a second substantial lounge at the rear of the vehicle.

Imala 730

These island bed motorhomes naturally create a distinct bedroom at the rear of the vehicle, while a large lounge and superb kitchen underline the spacious, luxury feel. In Hi-Line format, with an additional double bed over the cab and a half dinette option adding two belted travelling seats, it’s an authentic four-berth family tourer.

Imala 732

The 732 is the first model of the award-winning Imala range to feature a transverse island bed, winning Practical Motorhome's Best Family Motorhome. This elegant and practical layout gives you more space and flexibility all at 3500kg, so it not only looks fantastic, but it’s a great drive too whatever licence you hold.

Imala 734

Providing luxurious fixed bed accommodation for couples along with doubling up as a generous family multi-berth is what the Imala 734 does best. In Lo-Line configuration they are dedicated twin bed motorhomes with acres of living space at the front of the vehicle.

Tracker EKS

With room for as many as eight people to sit in comfort in its huge, uncluttered lounge, the Tracker EKS is the perfect layout for people who love making friends while travelling.

Bring the rotating cab seats into play, and guests can relax in the lounge while the chef prepares snacks or a more substantial meal in the generous end kitchen.

Tracker RS

Flexibility is key in the compact yet accommodating Tracker RS. The opposing lounge settees can be converted into a super-spacious transverse double for a restful night's sleep.

Tracker FB

Built on the four metre Fiat Ducato chassis, the Tracker FB uses its longer bodyshell to excellent effect by combining a fixed rear French bed with an airy front lounge for separate living and sleeping spaces.

Tracker EB

The all-new Tracker EB model for 2019 benefits from a spacious front lounge, modern L-shaped kitchen, French bed and an outstanding rear bathroom with an extra-large separate shower for the most luxurious everyday experiences.

Tracker RB

The longest model in the Tracker range, the RB makes good use of its 7.6 metre body to accommodate a transverse fixed island bed with full access from both sides, separated from the living area to create a much sought after end bedroom. This large motorhome can sleep up to six people in Hi-Line variation, making it ideal for travels with the family.

Tracker LB

The 7.6m Tracker LB is well-appointed and elegant. As the ideal vehicle for sociable travellers who love to invite guests to share the fun, this large motorhome features an external BBQ point for quick and easy al-fresco dining, and a spacious interior for indoor entertaining when the weather is cooler.

Apache 632

The Apache 632 marries a wide 4ft 6in fixed rear bed layout with a generous front lounge and a practical, spacious L-shaped kitchen with improved storage thanks to the introduction of a space-efficient slimline fridge freezer. At 7.36 metres in length it provides a spacious environment for you and your family with all the comforts of home.

Apache 634

With a desirable rear lounge layout, the Apache 634 is an established favourite. Available in both Hi-Line and Lo-Line variants, couples and families alike will find this a roomy and attractive motorhome.

The cab seats can be fully rotated - ideal for taking a break on a long journey, or enjoying lunch on a weekend trip.

Apache 700

With double beds front and rear, a generous kitchen and distinct living areas for children and parents, the Apache 700 adds up to an adaptable family-friendly large motorhome with the potential to sleep and seat six in Hi-Line configuration.

Frontier Delaware

Thanks to the option of an overcab double, the Frontier Delaware is either a spacious couples' tourer or a luxury family motorhome. Best suited to longer travels, the Frontier Delaware benefits from an eight metre length, allowing for a stunning interior with a fixed island bed to the rear.

Frontier Delaware S

The defining feature of the new Frontier Delaware S is an almost entirely separate rear bedroom with a choice of 6ft 1in long twin fixed single beds or an unbelievably sized double.

The epitome of luxury, this high-end motorhome has all there is to offer when it comes to a home from home experience.

Frontier Delaware HB

Also new for the 2019 season is the Frontier Delaware HB, now with a raised rear bed to allow for greater storage space in the garage. Slightly shorter than the Comanche, it still offers plenty of habitation space with the option of two different layouts.

Frontier Scout

The strongest point of this popular model of the Frontier range is a supremely versatile layout that fulfils multiple roles with minimum fuss. Popular with sociable motorhomers, the Frontier Scout appeals to those who frequently invite family and friends on their travels.

Frontier Comanche

Incorporating all the best features of its stablemates: large island bed, new walk-in shower, larger washroom and WC, a superbly equipped L-shaped kitchen and spacious front lounge seating up to seven, in terms of specification the Comanche covers all bases.

Frontier Comanche S

The Comanche S shares the same DNA as its twin-axle sibling: large front lounge with seating for up to seven, spacious L-shaped kitchen and larger washroom and separate WC spanning the central aisle of the coachbuilt motorhome.

Frontier Comanche HB

New for 2019 is the Frontier Comanche HB with 3 versatile layouts. Choose from either a side dinette, extended longitudinal seating or a further two belted seats, each with a fixed island high bed to the rear. Popular for its master en-suite bedroom feel, escape into your own private sanctuary that can be separated from the rest of the vehicle by a full length curtain. A high bed also allows for more garage space, helping to keep the interior uncluttered.

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V-Line 634 SE review | By Caravan Guard

Published on Wednesday 28th November 2018

V-Line 634 SE

Caravan Guard

One cool van conversion

Tempted by that initial price for this upmarket van conversion?Be prepared to dig a little deeper. Bearing in mind we’re at the upper end of the van conversions market, you’ll probably want a little bit more out of your Auto-Trail V-Line SE 634 motorhome. Like one of the Media Packs (from £1,149), plus an upgrade to the 2.3-litre engine, from the standard two-litre 115bhp, offering (from £900) – although a test drive might convince you to hold back

Dare we say, though, that kicking off at £53,000 is more realistic? You certainly still get plenty for your money – most especially extra space (the 634 is based on the extra-long Fiat Ducato) and a particularly

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Delaware HB review | By Caravan Guard

Published on Wednesday 12th September 2018

frontier hb's edit fb.jpg
You take the High way

It almost amounts to something of a shake-up to its flagship Frontier range for 2019. Auto-Trail has announced HB versions of its Delaware (here) and Comanche models. That’s HB for high bed, with the island bed in each raised to optimise storage space in the garage areas below.

The Delaware is a single rear axle model (the bigger Comanche has a tag axle), but it’s still a sizeable 8m-plus in overall length. Like all Frontiers, this is a serious motorhome!

It’s all based on a combination of Fiat’s ever-popular Ducato with Al-Ko chassis extension. Fiat’s 148bhp engine with six-speed manual transmission are the standard offerings. They should suffice

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Tribute 680 review | By Caravan Guard

Published on Tuesday 27th March 2018


For the long run!

There’s a bit of a trend for extra-long van conversions like this – even though they’re sometimes longer than their coachbuilt counterparts. Generally, it seems, some folk prefer the perceived easier driveability and body rigidity of a van conversion. It’s also easy to argue there’s less chance of bodywork leaks in a van compared to a coachbuilt.

The Tribute 680 is the flagship of three Auto-Trail van conversions, although the Tribute name also features in a range that also include coachbuilts.

Tribute 680

Using the 6.36m long version of Fiat’s all-conquering Ducato, the Tribute 680 majors on an end lounge layout with twin full-length settees.

But, it also offers seating up front, where

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Imala 732 review | By Caravan Guard

Published on Thursday 1st March 2018

Logo.pngWhere flexibility is a friend!

Your heart wants an Auto-Trail. Your brain – and wallet – say there must be a lower-cost alternative. Your family say: “How about an Imala?”

Family? This is where this latest addition to the Imala line-up comes in. Despite starting as a two-berth as standard, as here, it could host up to six of you. Indeed, the whole Imala range – eight models for 2018 – offers unlimited choices in terms of berths, thanks to Lo or Hi-Line overcab sections (meaning overall heights of 3.03m or 3.10m respectively) and various seating configurations.

Plus, if you go for the Hi-Line version, you get a double bed over the cab. Then there’s option of a rear travel seat for two more

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Tribute 680 review | By Nick Harding

Published on Wednesday 3rd January 2018

Tribute 680

Auto-Trail Tribute 680 – your flexible friend

Key points

  • Extra long Fiat Ducato conversion
  • End lounge layout with twin full-length settees
  • Second lounge/dining area at the front
  • Full kitchen
  • Space-efficient washroom with flip-down basin and full shower area
  • Made in Auto-Trail’s state-of-the-art UK manufacturing plant
  • National Caravan Council approval

The Auto-Trail Tribute range

The 680 is the flagship of three van conversions in the 2018 Tribute line-up. There are ten models in total, including coachbuilts.

Going to a greater length

Taking the 6.36m long Fiat Ducato as its base means the Tribute 680 can offer all the facilities of a coachbuilt whilst still maintaining

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Imala 732 review | What Motorhome

Published on Thursday 23rd November 2017

What Motorhome

No longer the cheapest way into an Auto-Trail-badged motorhome, as the budget Tribute range now falls under the parent company branding. This means for 2018 that the latest Auto-Trail Imala motorhomes head slightly upmarket – and get this all-new model.

You’ll spot the new season’s Imalas straight away if you see them from the stern, where a new rear panel and more elaborate light clusters avoid the entry-level look. There’s enhanced body construction, too, and improved LED lighting inside, plus a new upholstery scheme – called Isabel.

For the first time the Imala range is also offered with a Media Pack, something that has long been de rigeur with flashier Auto-Trails. For a relatively modest

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Tracker LB review | MMM Motorhome

Published on Thursday 23rd November 2017

MMM Magazine

Once upon a time, Auto-Trail’s coachbuilt Tracker motorhome was compact, very compact. But, as time passed, each model became a bit bigger. These days, the Tracker is pretty indistinguishable from all the firm’s other offerings as far as its style and range of options is concerned.

The 2017 season saw just four models in the range, with this new one making five and adding a second island bed layout (the Tracker RB features a transverse island bed). The LB is the longest motorhome on the Tracker menu – its 7.60-metre overall length is partly a consequence of the island bed’s lengthways orientation. And it’s very British: the twin sofa lounge and extremely well equipped kitchen appealing to

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Frontier Scout review | Practical Motorhome

Published on Thursday 23rd November 2017

Practical Motorhome

Refreshed for 2017, Auto-Trail's popular Frontier Scout brings end-lounge luxury and accommodation for six on an 8m footprint – do the numbers add up?


At this length, the Auto-Trail Frontier Scout is unique

Auto-Trail’s classic Scout received various tweaks as part of updates to the wider Frontier range for 2017. In come a new rear panel with LED light clusters, an improved rear window and a wind-out awning that’s recessed into the roofline.

Available since 1990, the Scout still sports the same layout: rear-lounge with offside front dinette. From 6.71m-long in 1990, though, the Scout has grown to 8.04m, and is available in two flavours: Lo-Line (low-profile four-berth) or Hi-Line

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Frontier Serrano review | What Motorhome

Published on Thursday 23rd November 2017

What Motorhome

With just over eight metres of length, there’s plenty of room inside the Serrano motorhome for a spacious, comfortable living area – and that’s just what you get.

But beware, this motorhome has a maximum weight of four-and-a-half tonnes, which your licence may not allow for.

Tweaks for 2017 across the entire Frontier line-up include sharpening of exterior styling and giving the interior a more open, spacious feel. Serrano is all-new, too, replacing the previous tag-axle Chieftain.

The base is our old friend the Fiat Ducato, while underpinnings are by Al-Ko – a specialist rear chassis that’s galvanised and fitted with independent suspension. Serrano is powered by the 150bhp version of Fiat’s

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V-Line Sport 610 review | What Motorhome

Published on Thursday 23rd November 2017

What Motorhome

When Auto-Trail returned to the van conversion market in 2014 it made quite a splash. The V-Line – now called V-Line Sport – came with a moulded GRP section on top of the original Fiat roof, allowing a flat floor throughout and services to be hidden in the false floor. An awning was also integrated into the new roofline.

It had flush-fitting double-glazed side windows all along both flanks and – on two out of three models – a big overcab sunroof (just like on Auto-Trail’s luxury coachbuilts). And the 610 and 620 layouts, which followed the 600 debutante, featured a fixed rear panel with opening boot section in place of the original Fiat barn doors – not a true innovation but a first for a

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